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A few years ago we launched our first start-up project and we soon learnt the importance of delivering as expected – and therefore retaining customers. At that time the owner of the company was managing the support himself – which had its advantages – we could build a corporate culture based on an effort to comply.

After the Internet became a common household tool, there were some major changes in the areas of ​​marketing and public relations. Rapid access to necessary information, immediate problem solving and an immediate response have become almost a necessity. Our target group are companies that want to achieve maximum satisfaction for their customers.

We know that each disappointed customer means a missed business opportunity. They will not return, they will not tell their friends about us. We know how important each customer is – customer support is the first line of contact and it is important to quickly respond to any sign of discontent. We know how to give you relevant output regarding what does not work and what should be improved.

We have experience with tools like Zendesk, HelpSpot and LiveChat. These tools help us do our work accurately and efficiently. For demanding customers, we offer our services 24/7 – your customers will see a response almost immediately at any time, holiday or no holiday. We simply do not think that it is acceptable to have to wait until the next day for a response to a question posted at 7pm when a customer wants to make a purchase.

Top-notch customer support is crucial!

We try to be the best customer support provider for small- and medium-sized businesses, for those who are looking for a way to save and optimize, but also those who are just starting and do not have time to deal with the support when there is so little time to develop and finish their product.

In our company the customer support center really works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You (and your customers) will always be communicating with representatives who will be able to solve your problem or request without any delay. With a little bit of exaggeration you could say that anyone can deliver a functional e-store these days, but the same cannot be said about delivering quality customer care on a long-term basis.

The urban myth is that customer support only has to respond to a range of questions and performs simple editing. Professional customer support will however also propose comprehensive solutions and functionalities which will transform your e-shop or product. Another important aspect is to also help with internet marketing, such as marketing via social networks.

You will not just be Jane or John Doe with us. We are professionals, so it is important for us to know our customers personally, to fully understand their needs and the direction of their businesses. We use professional applications that help us do our work accurately and efficiently.

Our support team is proud of the fact that they work in a company that wants to provide the best customer support for small- and medium-sized businesses.

The services we provide

  • 24/7 Support in English
    Is your aim to go international beyond the Czech market? Professional support in English, native speakers and lower prices than you might expect.
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  • Social media marketing
    We will help you build or reinforce your identity and position in the field of social marketing and get more regular clients by doing so.

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  • Support in Czech 24/7
    Professional Czech support to take care of your customers all day long and through the night!

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  • Night and Weekend supportThe advantage of online projects is that you are not bound by opening hours. But are you really taking advantage of that?

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